Fajr prayer between the additional hour of tampering, the imam’s jurisprudence, the salary of the master of creation

When people have fled and fled as a natural reaction, or an unnatural movement interspersed with something of recklessness, impulsivity and disproportionate, in the face of the futility of that hour that officials added, and imposed it over the months of the year – excluding the month of fasting – by a sinful decree without […]

What is the use of the “Anti-normalization Observatory” after Morocco restored its diplomatic relationship with Israel? The head of the observatory answers

After the official announcement of Morocco’s intention to restore its diplomatic relations with Israel, and the opening of an office to call again in Morocco, some journalists, belonging to the Amazigh movement, attacked the Observatory against Normalization, and asked about the feasibility of staying after the normalization of Morocco? In response to this question, the […]

Radwan bin Abdel Salam: “Moroccans are people of Islam, faith, the Qur’an, and love for this religion.”

The preacher, Sheikh Radwan bin Abd al-Salam, published a post on his account on the social networking sites, Facebook and Instagram, a post attached to a widely circulated picture that goes back to Friday prayers today after the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs decided to resume the “Muslim Eid” prayer in mosques after several […]

Ministry of Endowments: Accreditation of urban education in ancient educational institutions

The Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs announced that it had agreed to approve attendance education in ancient educational institutions wishing to do so, in response to the urgency of parents and guardians of students and students as well as the supervisors of these institutions to adopt this educational formula. A communiqué stated to the […]